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Deja Vu Discs has received positive attention from the media over the past decade.

We have received many Readers Choice awards from various newspapers in the Greater Toronto Area (including the Toronto Sun in 2008 and 2005).

Deja Vu Discs has also been featured in articles in various newspapers
including the National Post, The Metro and Toronto Business times.

"We CD people" - Mar 12, 2005

... I had thought my CDs would be worth about the same no matter where I went. It's surprising, then, when Deja Vu Discs, a chain of eight suburban stores, offers so much more than the others ($30, compared to a low of $3). It does so by keeping scrupulous tabs in inventory with a specially devised computer program...

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"Used CD chain hits right note" - Dec 2003

... "If you go into any of the major chains, they're similar." "In our stores, not only does the individual store change, but each store is going to be (stocked) differently," he said. "We have customers who, on a Saturday, will start out in the Oshawa store and will make a day of it...

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"It's rockin' business" - Dec 2, 2003

... All you need are your CDs, DVDs or games case and photo ID, and the trio say they pay you top dollar without guess work or bartering.
Deja Vu Discs also has a 30-day guarantee of "risk-free buying" - something they say their competitors don't have. Items are checked for defects and shipped for restoring if necessary before being sold...

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TV feature on Deja Vu Discs by

"York Region Living" - Summer 2004

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